TA East broadcasts every Monday morning on Redbridge CommunityRadio at 11am introducing TA East Community projects and psycho education themes. 

TA East and Redbridge Forum Groups- Ongoing

Redbridge Forum is a charity offering support to carers/parents of children with disabilities and on the autistic spectrum.

In partnership we are offering TA process groups, for support and self development. We aim to use TA concepts as a way of making sense of self experience and relationship with others. 


LVE Foundation

TA East is in conversation with LVE Foundation. We are developing a partnership to offer some joint projects with young people and the police. Taking ourselves back to the roots of TA and social psychology. Watch this space. 

In September, we were part of a group who won a bursary with the UKCP to research inclusivity and exclusivity in training, focused on the trainees experience. Discussions are well on the way and we are excited to evolve this research.

Other plans are to research TA East’s journey so far, in particular to account for whether we are truly living who we say we are. We are also planning a newsletter and a documentary. Watch this space. 

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