I am delighted to have been awarded the UKATA medal for pioneering an accessible and inclusive Transactional Analysis training in East London. This has been my vision for many years and I am delighted to have bought TA East into being. We base ourselves in the community for the community and offer an intersectional lens through the veins of every aspect of training from theory, process to practise. We embody our values.


Paul McManus

Diversity and inclusivity are terms we are increasingly familiar with; Victoria is their embodiment. In setting up TA East she has made TA training significantly more accessible to people who would otherwise struggle to access it. She is an inspirational human being and I consider myself deeply fortunate to have met her, to have been taught by her and to have been seen by her.

Jayakara Beverley Ellis

Victoria has established a new and exciting TA training establishment, TA East. Founded on the ethos of the radical TA early practitioners, seeking to teach, practise and model diversity, in the training, with clients, with supervisees, with tutor and supervisors. A real challenge that she has risen to especially in the areas of class, low income and race. I can remember her discussing ideas and plans to reach out to diverse populations more than 20 years ago and it has been a pleasure to see her ideas materialise into TA East.

Erica Joseph

I nominate Victoria Baskerville for her hard work and vision in setting up TA East. TA East is a counselling and psychotherapy training institute based in East London which has grown very rapidly. I am in foundation year- and there are two foundation year classes this year. Victoria is committed to making transactional Analysis training accessible to all and to bringing an intersectional lens to. The curriculum. TA East represents transcultural East London and is sited. In Leytonstone Library to forge community links. I believe that her efforts are deserving of a UKATA medal.

Tom Evans

I would like to nominate Victoria due to her unbound determination to create a. training centre that holds the principle values of TA in not only ts curriculum, but. It’s accessibility. TA. East has been born out. Of her vision. Of inclusivity and to. Represent the diversity of the society. We live in. Being in the community, for the community. Being hosted in the local library, where the community and literally look into and. Work next to the training. The fees and payment. Options have been. Set at. A level that. Make this pursuit more. Achievable (certainly. For me, I would never have been able to do this) I have taken part in local events in the community representing the centre, listening posts, open days, seminars- to make the pursuit accessible and bring the training out of hiding. My training group has evolved into a. diverse group, with natives from 7 different countries which bring a rich tapestry. Of experience and cultural frames. Of. Reference for. Us to share and apply to the theory and practise. Again, this allows us to really consider the ‘other’ and the societies/communities we live in. Which will in turn help us serve our future clients better. I’m ok, you’re ok. Embodied and long may it continue.

Ayse Banbridge

Victoria has worked tirelessly over the last. 3. Years to bring her long-geld vision of making TA training more accessible. Within the diverse community in which she lives and works. TA East provide an affordable and robust training programme for members of the community who would not otherwise have access to psychotherapy training. Diversity, difference and cultural identity, along with how these concepts are experienced by the self. And in the relationship, are central and underpin the ethos and teaching of the TA programme. I have personally witnessed the commitment, hard work and sacrifice. Victoria as made. In delivering this ambitious and much needed project to this community. I whole heartedly nominate Victoria for this award in recognition of the outstanding contribution she has made.

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