TA East Application Process

Applications are open for our Autumn 2023 intake. Contact TA East if you would like a face to face meeting to talk about pursuing the training in October 2023. We aim to make the training accessible, inclusive and embracing of each persons individual need.

The following is an outline of the process trainees need to undertake to apply for a place on the counselling and psychotherapy training course at TA East. This process has been designed to ensure the quality and standards of TA East trainees and the integrity of our training process.

Entry to the training programme requires a level 7 post-graduate standard of competence and therefore applicants’ will need to demonstrate their ability to undertake this level of training.

Furthermore, completion of the three year counselling training and exam process at TA East fulfils the necessary requirements for the UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis, leading to BACP Accreditation. Competition of the four year psychotherapy training and exam process, at TA East, fulfils the necessary requirements for qualifying as a Certified Transactional Analyst with EATA and becoming a HIPC UKCP registered psychotherapist.

Our application process has been therefore been designed to ensure that trainees meet the requirements set by these registering bodies.

Application process for the foundation year/ Diploma year one – an overview

The following provides a brief overview of the process for candidates who wish to apply for the training course at TA East. Candidates can apply to complete the foundation year as a stand-alone course or as the 1st year of their counselling and psychotherapy training.

Further details of each stage of the application process will be provided in the following sections.

1. Candidates who wish to apply, make informal contact with the organisation stating their interest, this might take place face to face at one of TA East’s events or by the candidate making telephone or email contact. TA East will clarify the application process for individuals during this contact

2. Candidates will then be invited to attend a TA 101 weekend training course (or will need to make a commitment to attending)

3. Candidates will then complete an application form, verifying how they meet the entry requirements

4. Candidates will then be invited to attend a formal interview. The interview panel will consist of the course director and one another member of the TA East teaching team

5. Successful candidates will be issued an offer letter

6. Candidates will need to sign a contract of commitment and finance

TA 101

The TA 101 course is internationally recognised and a prerequisite to all TA trainings. It is a 12 hour course that usually takes place over 2 days (further details on the course content, on this website).

It may be that candidates applying for the training at TA East, have already completed a TA 101 at another RTE. In these circumstances, candidates will need to present a certificate of attendance to evidence this.

Application form All candidates wishing to apply for training at TA East will need to complete an application form in order to demonstrate how they meet the entry requirements for training.

The entry requirements are as follows:

1. Qualifications – a first degree of equivalent Further Education/ Higher Education qualification OR

2. Experience – relevant working or personal experience in the fields of mental health, caring and/or working with people.

It is possible that candidates without a first degree may demonstrate sufficient relevant experiences that warrant their suitability for training. This will initially be proposed by the course director at the first point of contact with TA East. In these circumstances, offers of training made will be conditional to the trainees capacity to meet the required academic standards of training during the foundation year of training (please see subsequent section on advancing through training for further information).

APEL Application Students may also submit an APEL application, where they opt out of up to 50% of the formal training years, please see APEL policy for guidelines. Personal statement The application form requires candidates to complete a 200 word personal statement, outlining why they wish to undertake the training at this point in time, including any relevant information about personal and professional experiences.


The application form needs to include contact details for two referees who TA East can approach to supply references recommending the candidate for training. One reference must be from a current or previous employer and one reference from someone who knows you personally, but can not be a family member.

Formal interview

Following consideration of the application form, potential candidates for the training will be invited to attend a formal interview with a TA East intake panel. The panel will consist of 2 interviewers, the TA East course director and one other member of the teaching team. The interview process is designed to further establish the candidate’s suitability for training and profession in the field of psychotherapy.

In addition to academic abilities TA East will be looking for the candidate to demonstrate the following personal qualities in their interview:

1. A lively and enquiring mind

2. A capacity for critical reflection and self-directed learning

3. An ability to listen and respond with compassion and respect

4. Awareness of prejudice and the ability to respond openly to issues of race, gender, age, sexual preference, class, disability, ethnic, spiritual / religious and cultural difference, and diversity

5. Awareness and sensitivity in relation to the political, socio-cultural and religious / spiritual contexts of people's lives in-depth self-reflection

6. In depth-self reflection

7. Self-awareness and commitment to self-development.

8. Sufficient emotional competence and the internal resources necessary to engage with the demands of the training and the work of psychotherapy

These competencies will need to be demonstrated through these suggested areas of exploration:

1. Why the applicant wants to train as a counsellor/psychotherapist?

2. What previous experience have they had of counselling/psychotherapy itself or training?

3. How did they find TA East?

4. Why train in Transactional Analysis?

5. Where are they looking for this training to take them?

6. What do they think will be the challenges in this training?

7. How do they find group training situations?

8. What sort of support network do they have?

9. Do they have the resources (e.g. time commitment, money etc) to do this training?

10. What sort of people do they find difficult? How do they manage conflict or people they don’t get on with?

11. Give an example of a situation that has challenged their values (an ethical issue). How did they manage it?

12. Have there been any significant life events in the last 10 years that may impact during training?

During the interview, TA East will also provide as much information as possible to ensure that candidates are clear about the personal and financial demands of the training, as well as the time commitments that candidates will be expected to make. This will include covering the costs of training, the estimated costs of therapy, supervision and memberships, the required hours of training, clinical practice, supervision and the academic requirements of the training. The interview process is also an important opportunity for candidates to ask any questions and share any concerns they may have about the training.

Criminal convictions:

Criminal conviction checks are made as part of the application process and confirmed where relevant in line with the current practice of UKCP Registration in relation to registrants. Candidates will be asked during the interview process to disclose any unspent criminal convictions. In accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 TA East will not take into consideration any convictions which are classified as spent.

Offer letter

Successful candidates will be formally notified in writing that they have been offered a place on the training programme. The offer letter will detail all the necessary information that candidates require to accept a place on the course and the steps candidates need to take to prepare for commencing training.

Contract of commitment and finance

Prior to commencing training, candidates will be required to enter in to a contract of commitment and finance with TA East

Deferred or Refused Entry

In some circumstances, the interviewers may feel that it is not quite the right time for a candidate to take the course because of the demands placed on trainees to complete the course. This might concern the time commitments and additional work required to complete assignments and reading. In this case, the candidate will be advised that they should defer the study for a future time. Deferred entry will be offered where the entry criteria for the course have not been met.

TA East will offer support and advice to the applicant including, if the applicant wishes, agreeing an action plan aimed at helping the student develop him or herself in such a way that s/he can enter training at a later date. The applicant will need to meet all the requirements of the action plan before being reconsidered for entry to the programme.

The interviewers may also feel that the course is not the right course for a particular individual for whatever reason (e.g. conflict of interest, existing relationships with trainers). In this case, applicants will be advised of other options that may meet better suit their needs.

Progression to year 2 and beyond

Further stages of training is not guaranteed but dependent upon the conduct and development of trainees on the programme of study and the successful completion of the year’s course requirements.

Throughout the foundation year (and subsequent training years) candidates will be continually assessed to ascertain their capacity and readiness to progress through the training programme. This assessment will focus upon how trainees are meeting the level 7 postgraduate academic requirements and the personal development required for this training.

Assessment will be made through trainees conduct and engagement in teaching sessions, group process sessions, skills practise, demonstration of self awareness, completion of assignments and tutorials.

TA East is committed to communicating openly with trainees about any concerns and providing the guidance and support necessary for trainees to meet the expected course requirements and standards. At the end of each training year, candidates will be required to complete a continuation form, verifying the number of training, personal therapy, clinical practice and supervision hours achieved for that academic year.

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